Free legal counseling – unique opportunity to get lawyers advice on your problem for free!*

For you it is:

  1. opportunity to obtain a free answer to the question of the Latvian legislation, and in some cases also on the EU law;
  2. opportunity to learn about options for solving your problem in a legal manner;
  3. opportunity to plan your actions and to prepare for certain costs of the upcoming trial.

For us it is:

  1. attraction of new clients
  2. long-term relationship building with our clients.

Th conditions for providing free consultations:

  1. The main points on which we are ready to advise you are listed in a list of legal services.
  2. We provide free legal consultation in case if your problem is not specific (such as questions of maritime law or regulations relating to construction, which require further study). But even in this case, we have very reasonable prices and flexible system of discounts.
  3. Time of free consultation may not exceed 30 minutes (during that time we will have answer a couple of questions, tell you about possible options of solving the problem and about expected costs
  4. Consultations are by appointment only, see below.

Legal services:

  • development, preparation, analysis and correction of contracts and other documents (agreements, applications etc.):
    • labour (work) contracts;
    • contracts of engagement;
    • contracts of tenancy (lease);
    • gage (pawn) contracts;
    • gift contracts and feoffment;
    • free using contracts (free of charge);
    • sale contracts;
    • exchange or barter contracts;
    • storage contracts;
    • contracts of debt;
    • agreements (covenants, treaty) of marriage;
    • and any other contracts or agreements (operating agreements, vendor contracts, association agreements etc.);
  • assistance in real estate agreements;
  • preparation and filing of documents for enterprises (firms) registration, including individual merchants (IK) and Ltd. (SIA) in Enterprises register (Commercial register and others); making changes in existing enterprises;
  • preparation and filing of documents for organizations registration;
  • preparation of claims, reclaiming petitions and cassations;
    • matrimonial and severance (divorce proceedings);
    • aliment collection (living allowance);
    • collection of debts in court order (legal sequence);
    • jural fact establishment (fixation);
    • recovery of civil damages and injuries (losses);
    • claims about restoration on work;
    • etc.

  • preparation of reclaiming petitions and cassations;
  • statements and applications to police and other government services;
  • collection of compensations from government in case of discharge;
  • help in good name and reputation reinstatement;
  • we’ll find a special lawyer for your problem solving:
    • protecting in court and in prejudicial inquiry (pre-trial stage);
    • making a settlement with prosecutor;
    • making an agreements with other side;

  • appeal of a administrative institutions decisions;
  • collection of compensations from administrative institutions;
  • help in foreigner registration and getting residence permits;
  • help in visa executions; invitations and work permits;
  • etc

  • counseling (advices);
  • help of private detectives and security organizations;
  • involvement into your process government organizations;
  • help in problem solving, that related with threatening; blackmail; exaction; fraud etc.

  • matrimonial and severance claims (divorce proceedings);
  • help in affiliation questions;
  • agreements (covenants, treaty) of marriage and its registration in special register (The Register of public and private partnership agreements);
  • aliment collection (living allowance);
  • etc.

  • help in labor disputes solving;
  • claims about restoration on work;
  • State Labor Inspectorate involvement into your process;
  • etc.

  • preparation of documents and enterprises (firms) registration in Enterprises register (Commercial register and other); ( Limited liabilities companies (Ltd.), Corporations (stock companies), individual merchants);
  • preparation of documentation for organizations, associations, societies, etc. registration;
  • making changes in registers;
  • increment and reduction of equity capital;
  • commercial pledges registrations;
  • VAT (PVN) registration;
  • development, preparation, analysis and correction of contracts and other documents (agreements, applications etc.);
  • enterprises (firm) servicing – business correspondence;
  • etc.

  • jural facts establishment (relationship etc.);
  • help in succession partition;
  • help in document collecting;
  • help in testaments (will) making;
  • etc.

  • Legal protection on the Internet:
  • help in offences fixations;
  • help in arguments (evidences, proofs, etc.) collection;
  • involvement into the process government institutions, experts and other specialists;
  • making persons (guilty) to answer;
  • etc.

Please contact us also on other matters – we will try to help you solve them.

You want to include into the contract dispute investigation into the arbitration court*, but you don’t know where to go? We will help you to find optimal variant.


    Arbitration court – is non government court, that can investigate civil disputes and give judgments in case of the prior consent of the parties to refer the case to arbitration. Arbitration court has several advantages, chief among is – cases are being investigated in a shorter time (usually a full examination takes about 3 months, first review taking place in 2 – 3 weeks after filing a claim). The trial takes place only in one instance, which often saves not only time but also money. In many courts of arbitration parties could choose the language of the process.

Except trial in a government courts and arbitration courts there is an alternative civil disputes solving method – mediation.

    In fact it is the mediation services of an independent qualified person, or group of persons who help the conflicting parties to assess the situation and predict possible developments in the case to court and came to a compromise – to the problem solving, which suits all concerned. It seems that it is simple, but in practice the parties trying to agree among themselves, often only aggravate the situation. Such mediation can save significant time and money. The parties choose their own mediator, the process is completely confidential, no compressed by procedural frameworks.

Legal office “JurTec” is working with lawyers, private detectives, insolvency administrators, notaries, interpreters, experts, accountants and other professionals needed to solve your problems.

Contact us -> Contacts or book a visit for a free legal counseling (advice) or ask a question or the Internet (we will respond to it when it is possible). Thank you, we are waiting for you.