Legal office “JurTec”

JurTec» – is an abbreviation of two words “Juridical technologies” (legal technology). We are a new generation of lawyers, which recognizes the importance of technological innovation, of compliance with current trends in methods of resolving legal disputes and reaching agreements. In the sphere of legal services work special technologies, the so-called legal mechanisms, in which we specialize.
In the XXI century, an increasingly important role plays information technologies and in our office understand how important is the legal protection on the Internet today, we understand not only the law but also the technical aspects.

Specialists of our legal office and our partners have significant experience in various branches of law: civil, criminal, administrative. We can help you settle disputes with government agencies, municipalities, will assist you decide issues related to family, inheritance (succession), employment, commercial law and in addressing many other issues. Law office “JurTec” working with lawyers, private detectives, insolvency administrators, notaries, interpreters, experts, accountants and other professionals needed to solve your problems.

Our priority – providing quality legal services, individual approach to customers, the availability to a wide range of people. We want to build a long-term relationships with clients, so we’ll try to do everything possible to look deeply into the problem of the client and to provide competent legal assistance. The legal office «JurTec» honors confidentiality and professional secrecy.

In our company lawyers understand how important is to keep up with the times, so on the basis of today’s economic and social situation in the country, opportunities and desires of our customers, we offer free legal counseling (advices) for absolutely everyone. More information about free legal counseling (advices) in the section – legal services.

For your convenience we will provide you remote legal services (through the Internet), we offer you the modern communication and maintaining contacts. You could book a visit for a free legal counseling (advice) or ask a question over the Internet, or contact our law office by phone, e-mail or skype – contacts. We are waiting for you.